Terms and conditions

We invite you to read the terms and conditions for online transactional services at the CA World Service Convention website. Take note of the instructions for use of your rights and obligations to make things easier.

Registration to the service
To make transactions through the CA World Service Convention site, you must register. To begin, choose "MY ACCOUNT" on the main home page (right hand side) of the website. You must then complete the form on the "Create my account" tab.

Your username (access code) is your email address and a password will be sent to this email address. At the first connection, you will be asked for a new password of your choice. Keep this information carefully in anticipation of upcoming online sessions. Never disclose it to anyone to avoid fraud. Otherwise, the CA World Service Convention disclaims all liability for transaction security, reimbursement and the protection of personal information.

You must then enter your details to be able to identify you. In respect of our 12th Tradition, we do not require you to enter your full family name but at least write the first letter of the latter to differentiate you from other members with the same first name as you. Your abstinence date if applicable allows us to wish you a happy birthday but allows us to accumulate statistics on the total abstinence time of our members. You can simply enter your abstinence time directly. Even if nothing requires you, if you submit your address, it will be faster for you to make your credit card transactions on our site since the card issuers ask us when validating a transaction as a means of security. If you are an active member, it would be at least interesting to enter the "city" field at your home meetings.

Please note that during events such as conventions, the information you provided during registration will be used for the creation of your identification badge: your first name, the first letter of your last name only and your city or meeting of membership.

Access to your personal account
To access your personal account information, select "MY ACCOUNT" on the main home page (right hand side) of the website. You must then complete the form of the "Connect me" tab. Enter your email address (access code) and your password. At the first login, enter the password that was sent to you by email. At the first login, you will be asked for a new password.

Please note that passwords are encrypted and neither the webmaster nor the members responsible for services and support have access to your password. In case of loss of your password, use the link "Forgot your password?" On the "Connect me" tab. from the "MY ACCOUNT" page. You will then be able to enter the email address that you used to create your account and a new password will be sent to this email address. At the first connection, you will be asked for a new password of your choice.

Transactions (instructions)
By clicking the "Registration" option on the website at the top of the page. You can choose one of the "Packages" or "À la carte" and one or more activities. Your choice will then be added to your cart. After having entered your e-mail address and your password, you will be able to consult at any time the basket at the top right of the "Registration" page. In the basket, the choices corresponding to your needs with their prices as well as the transaction costs are automatically added in the currency you have chosen.

To convert to another currency, you must use the currency picker at the top left of the "Registration" page. The total amount to be paid in the chosen currency will then be reported in the shopping cart. Note that you will always be charged to your credit card in the system's host currency. This amount will appear as the last amount at the bottom right of the bottom line (Debit) of the basket

In the cart you can delete items, cancel the transaction, return to your purchases or confirm the transaction. If you approve it, by clicking on "Go to secure checkout" you will then see the final basket showing the transaction, the amount, the information about the delivery. After confirming everything, you type your credit card number. Once you have validated, the order is sent to our service. In the minutes that follow, you receive an email confirmation of the transaction.

Payment Methods
We accept online payments by credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, paypal)

It is expressly forbidden to use the CA World Service Convention branding, branding and logo for any purpose whatsoever without his or her consent under pain of prosecution in court.

Use of the IP address
To prevent fraud, our computer security system tracks your IP address each time you make a request on the CA World Service Convention website. This information is used to validate the user's identity, access code, transactions, orders and online payments.

Responsibilities of the member
You can not hold more than one customer account at CA World Service Convention. You are responsible for providing accurate information about your personal profile, credit status and contact information.

We do not refund any payments made online if you have made an error in the recipient's identity, or if you make a mistake in the final amount of the transaction.

CA World Service Convention is not required to give you a credit either if the total of the transaction did not get the approval of the people around you involved in the transaction. In principle, the decision belongs to the author of the credit card or to the person who is authorized to use it. Be careful !

Rights and Obligations of CA World Service Convention

  • CA World Service Convention reserves the right to access your file and check your most frequent transactions to prevent money laundering or fraud.

  • CA World Service Convention has the right to close your account, refuse or cancel a transaction you have made or issue restrictions on terms of use at any time if we have reason to believe that :
          a) you have given false information about yourself;
          b) you have passed your password to someone

  • In the event of irregularities on the part of the client, CA World Service Convention reserves the right to amend the terms of the agreement in accordance with Canadian law. The member will be informed of the changes concerning him via the email address of his personal account, without however affecting the nature of the terms of the previous transactions.

  • CA World Service Convention is not responsible for any damages whatsoever that may be attributable in any way to the use of its online service.

  • CA World Service Convention is not linked to an overdraft (financial loss) on your part if it results from technical problems beyond our control, such as a virus, an act of piracy, a fraudulent action, a theft, operation error, forbidden access, defective telephone line, dysfunctional computer, incompatible software suite or other adverse and harmful environmental conditions.

  • CA World Service Convention has the right to require the customer (member) 21 days before issuing a service when it considers it appropriate to investigate the origin of a transaction made on our site in accordance with international standards and practices in this area.

Dispute settlement
In the event of a dispute related to a service rendered by the CA World Service Convention, both parties (you and us) agree to settle the contractual disagreement before an arbitration process. And the decision is final and without appeal.

Collateral damages
We are not responsible, directly or indirectly or accidentally, for damages, lawsuits or any damages claimed by a third party to the law on the occasion and following the delivery of the service by CA World Service Convention