Politics regarding the protection of personal information of customers.
CA World Service Convention commits to protect the confidentiality and the security of the personal information obtained at the moment of the commercial relationships with their customers. The present politics explains the types of personal information to which we refer and the way in that it is used. We also approach the measures adopted to assure that they are treated appropriately.

The politics and the considered practices are elaborated according to the Law on the protection of the personal information and the electronic documents (L.C. 2000, ch. 5) and to all corresponding to other provincial law regarding the protection of personal information.

The personal information is the data that corresponds to a person in particular. This data is registered in diverse ways. Here is included data like the age of a person, their revenues, their date of birth, their ethnic origin, their address, their telephone number, their electronic mail address, their medical file and their credit history. The information referred to a person included in the following documents is not considered as personal information:

  • public directory phone in which a subscriber can refuse to be subscribed.
  • professional and commercial directories, accessible to the public.
  • certain public registrations and files of the court.
  • other certain accessible publications, printed or electronic, to the public.

Our commitment with the protection of its personal information is governed by the following principles:

1. We are responsible before you.
CA World Service Convention it is responsible for all the personal information that is under its control, including the information transferred to third parties in order to treatment, storage or other processes. In each one of our functional units, the employees take in charge the assurance that we act according to these principles of confidentiality and of security as for the treatment of their personal information.

2. We inform you the reason for which we request your personal data.
CA World Service Convention mentions the reasons to gather their personal information, before and during the moment of been registered.

3. We obtain your consent for the registration, use and communication of your personal data.
CA World Service Convention will ask for your consent to gather, to use or to communicate your personal data. The method of collecting the data that you consent may vary in function of the type of the registered, used or communicated personal information:

  • CA World Service Convention will obtain your explicit consent (verbal, written or electronic) for the gathering, the use or communication of all personal fact of delicate nature as personal financial states.
  • CA World Service Convention will use your explicit consent for the collection, the use or communication of your personal data when some of the following conditions are applied:
    • a commercial relationship that already exists;
    • the explicit consent has already been obtained;
    • the reason that justifies the use of its personal data is reasonably evident for you.

You can modify in all time your preferences as for your consent communicating with the regional office ofCA World Service Convention. A member will guide your call to the chairman. To know how to modify your preferences please refer to Modify my profile.

4. We limit the gathering of your personal data.
CA World Service Convention only gathers the necessary data in order to offer their products and services. If that necessary personal information was gathered for some other objective that was not the one of offering our products and services, we will demand your consent, before or during the gathering. CA World Service Convention will gather the personal information using clear, fair and licit means.

Example of reasons for which we gather your personal information:

  • communication with our customers, in general;
  • treatment of your applications;
  • treatment and pursuit of your transactions, and communication to you;
  • protection against the frauds and errors;
  • offer of products and services that were requested to us;
  • recommendation of products and services that, according to CA World Service Convention, they can interest you or may offer you an added value;
  • conformity with the juridical prescriptions and government demands.

5. We limit the use, communication and conservation of your personal data.
CA World Service Convention uses and only communicates your personal data with the purposes for which were gathered. CA World Service Convention doesn't sell neither it leases your personal data to any organism neither another person, for the no reason.

We don't communicate your personal data to any third part. We only save it in order to offering you the products or services. If we communicate your personal information to a third part, this last one is bound to CA World Service Convention for the necessary link in order to protect the confidentiality and the security of your personal information. CA World Service Convention doesn't conserve their personal data for other ends that those required for the commercial relationships or according to the demands that are specified by the federal and provincial laws (Canada).

6. We keep your personal data exact and up-to-date.
CA World Service Convention keeps exactly and up-to-date your pertinent personal data in function of the use accorded. You can request of having access to your personal information retained in your file in order to consult and to modify them according to your needs. In the case of the eventuality that your data were provided to a third part, we will refer to it. (example: agent of credit evaluation). To know the way to consent to your personal data, go to Modify my profile.

7. The security of your personal data constitutes a priority for CA World Service Convention.
We take strict measures to protect your personal data, without caring the format in which they are registered, like:

  • measures of physical security, such as classifiers and files with locks and access control;
  • measures of electronic security to keep your computerized data protected such as the protection by means of access key, the encryption of the databases and personal identification numbers;
  • secured organizational processes like access restriction to your personal data and that for a selected group of people;
  • contractual obligations with third parts forcing them to protect the confidentiality and the security of your personal data.

8. We're transparent in our politics regarding the protection of your personal data.
We commit to offer comprehensible and easily accessible information on our politics and our practices as regards administration of your personal data. This disposition and all related fact are accessible in all time on our site under Politics of confidentiality.

9. You have access to your own personal data conserved in CA World Service Convention.
You can request to have access to your personal data that is conserved in CA World Service Convention. To know how to communicate with us, go to Reach Us. After receiving such a demand, CA World Service Convention will proceed this way:

  • We will inform you of the type of personal data that we have in our files or under our control, how they can be used or to whom it could be communicated.
  • We will give access to those data with the end that you could consult them to verify the accuracy and integrity, and to request their modification as needed.
  • We will contribute to all necessary upgrade within your personal data.

10. We respond to your question doubts and complain as regards protection of your personal data.
CA World Service Convention responds appropriately to all your questions, doubts and complains concerning the confidentiality and the security of your personal data and our politics and methods as regards protection of personal data.

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