What is
"La Ligne"

The purpose of the “La Ligne” magazine of the Quebec Area committee of Cocaine Anonymous according to our guidelines is:

To promote and maintain Unity throughout the Quebec Area CA fellowship by developing a unified sense of belonging and pride for all members.
Each issue of La Ligne should include the following elements:
  • News pertaining to our fellowship (special events and others news);
  • Extracts from CA approved literature;
  • Shares from CA members

A story from a member...

La Ligne is a regular free publication by our members, where we can freely share our personal experiences of recovery, carrying messages of Hope, Faith & Courage 

If you would like to submit your personal story of recovery, we would love to recieve it!

There are different ways to submit your entry… 

  • Call us. The secretary of La Ligne can listen to your story and dictate it for you.  Call Jean B. at (514)497-4707
  • Use the email form below
  • Email us at: laligne@caquebec.org
  • Talk to the GSR at one of your local meeting, to see if he or she can recieve it and bring it to a District meeting, where it will be sent to us.

or you can email it directly to: laligne@caquebec.org

Use of this email form automatically gives LA LIGNE permission to publish your story in the printed LA LIGNE booklet. All submissions are subject to review and acceptance in order to be selected for publication in the printed booklets, available mainly at CA group meetings.

La Ligne selects some stories to display on this website. We also plan to post an online edition of La Ligne as a downloadable booklet. We would like your permission for us to do both with your submission. This permission is entirely optional. Without it, your story or message will only be considered for the printed edition of La Ligne.

I give permission to LA LIGNE to publish my story or message both in the online edition, and on this website (should it be selected). I understand that this CA website is accessible to the general public.