What is
"La Ligne"

The purpose of the “La Ligne” magazine of the Quebec Area committee of Cocaine Anonymous according to our guidelines is:

To promote and maintain Unity throughout the Quebec Area CA fellowship by developing a unified sense of belonging and pride formallmof us.
Each issue of La Ligne should include the following elements:
• News pertaining to our fellowship (special events and others news);
• Extracts from CA approved literature;
• Shares from CA members.

A story from a member...

La Ligne is a regular free publication by our members, where we can freely share our personal experiences of recovery, carrying messages of Hope, Faith & Courage 

If you would like to submit your personal story of recovery, we would love to recieve it!

There are different ways to submit your entry… 

  • Call us. The secretary of La Ligne can listen to your story and dictate it for you.  Call Jean B. at (514)497-4707
  • Use the email form below
  • Email us at: laligne@caquebec.org
  • Talk to the GSR at one of your local meeting, to see if he or she can recieve it and bring it to a District meeting, where it will be sent to us.

or use your own email app...
To: infocongresregionale@caquebec.org