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“CHIPS” refers to the various keytags offered at meetings, in recognition of  periods of continuous sobriety from cocaine and all other mind-altering substances.   At most meetings, we offer keytags for 30, 60 & 90 days, as well as 6 months, 9 moths, 1 year, and 18 months of continuous sobriety.

More recently, CA has created a “1-week” key tag.  Some meetings are beginning to offer this key tag to give newcomers hope and inspiration to continue the program of recovery 🙂

Cocaine Anonymous

CA is non-profit, and as such, all books are sold at cost only.  Some of these are shown further below.

In addition, the World Service Conference has passed the following Advisory Opinions:

August 20, 1989: “The books “Alcoholics Anonymous” and “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions” of Alcoholics Anonymous are two of our most valuable tools of recovery and as such, it is the opinion of Cocaine Anonymous that meetings should be allowed to have these books available to support members in their recovery.”

Cocaine Anonymous has it’s own library of recovery-based books available at cost.  A few of these are shown immediately below.

Also, there are pamphlets available at meetings, which are free for the taking.  These are listed further below, each with its contents available to read or even download, right here online.


Hope, Faith & Courage

This book, “Hope, Faith, and Courage – Stories and Literature from the Fellowship of Cocaine Anonymous”, is offered as testimony that any newcomer who has an honest desire to stop using, and is willing to make the effort, can recover. 

Hope, Faith & Courage
vol. 2

” Hope, Faith & Courage — Volume II:  Stories and Literature from the Fellowship of Cocaine Anonymous.”

More stories of recovery by members of Cocaine Anonymous, intended to inspire and encourage just what the book’s title describes:  Hope, Faith & Courage.  

A Quiet Peace

“A Quiet Peace” – Messages and Meditations for each day of the year.

Order Form

There is a downloadable order form available from the CAWS Office based in California.  The form offers everything available at the store.  Usually, this form is used to order literature and supplies for meetings.

The link to download the order form, is shown near the top of CAWSO’s main online shop page:

CAWSO online store


CA has over 24 pamphlets, many of which are available and free for the taking at most CA meetings. Shown below, are 23 of them, which are completely available for your reading, right here online.  Simply click on one that you wish to read, and you will be automatically brought to the webpage that displays its content, and also offers a link button to download a PDF file of that pamphlet’s content. The pamphlets, books, and other items, can be purchased from CA’s world service office (CAWSO), at their main website:

CAWSO entire store

or to order pamphlets only:

CAWSO pamphlets section

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