Alcoholics Anonymous
"Big Book"

With permission from Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Cocaine Anonymous uses the AA Big Book as our textbook for recovery.  It contains the precise, clear-cut directions on how to recover from alcoholic (and drug) addiction, followed by many personal success stories from AA members.

CA is non-profit, and as such, all books are sold at cost.  At most CA meetings, the AA « Big Book » (our textbook for recovery) is gratefully offered to any member who wants the book right away but cannot afford it.  Easy payment options can made, so that the book can be taken home following the meeting.  In some cases, a copy of the Big Book can even be given free of charge to the person who is in need.  Speak to the chairperson at a meeting, before or after the meeting.

Also, there are pamphlets available at meetings, which are free for the taking.  These are listed below, each with its contents available to read or download, right here online.

L'Espoir, la Foi, et le Courage

This book, Hope, Faith, and Courage – Stories from the Fellowship of Cocaine Anonymous, is offered as our Fellowship’s collective experience, as well as our hope that you find your own recovery. 

L'Espoir, la Foi, et le Courage
vol. 2

 » Hope, Faith & Courage Volume II:  Stories and Literature from the Fellowship of Cocaine Anonymous. »
More stories of recovery by members of Cocaine Anonymous, intended to inspire and encourage just what the book’s title describes:  Hope, Faith & Courage.  Some useful literature is also within.

A Quiet Peace

A Quiet Peace – Messages and Meditations for each day of the year.