What is Service?

Being of Service

“In addition to finding a spiritual way of life, recovery is about changing negative aspects of our personalities into positive ones…”
“…We learned that service is about gratitude and learning how to contribute to our lives and the lives of others…”
** (taken from the
Being of Service” pamphlet)

Why Be of Service? **

• To give back what was so freely
   given to us;

• To take on a commitment as a
   symbolic way of making amends;

• To meet other recovering addicts;

• To learn how to be part of a team;

• To learn humility by doing
   something selfless for someone else;

• To learn skills or teach others what
   we know;

• To learn responsibility.

** (taken from the
Being of Service” pamphlet)

Doing service in CA

“…One way is to be of service to the Fellowship of Cocaine Anonymous…” **
** (taken from the
Being of Service” pamphlet)

Here are some levels of doing service in CA:

 ….. GROUP …..
…… AREA ……

Group Level:
To get a service position at a specific meeting, attend the monthly business meeting of that group.  In most cases, these business meetings are held on the last meeting day of each month, either before the regular meeting or after it.  Until you receive a service position, try to arrive about 45 minutes before the regular meeting, so you can offer your assistance with setup and to greet arriving members at the door.

Monthly group service positions can include:
coffee, setup, greeters, literature rep, newcomer chip, 12-step rep, chairperson, & trusted servants (GSR, treasurer, secretary).

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